Based on cutting edge research done in Nutritional Sciences, NorVita is where science and technology meet.

All of the formulations used by NorVita are 100% purpose-built originals made in Estonia. NorVita’s technologists are always working on new products for our portfolio, as well as perfecting existing products based on market feedback.

All products are inspected and certified by EU regulatory authorities and facilities registered with the FDA.


One of the great paradigms of NorVita’ philosophy is putting experience and readiness to adapt front and centre of the business culture. Be it academic research, scientific innovations or technological advancements – NorVita is keeping fingers on the pulse of the changing world around us.


NorVita takes pride in owning our production in Estonia, as lots of other nutritional companies outsource most of the back-end focusing just on marketing and sales. We think differently, by emphasising solid back-end management and control, can we fully rely on our products’ safety and effectiveness.